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Press Filter Belt for Producing Fruit Juices

Belt presses for fruit and vegetable processing have proven themselves as outstanding machines for flexible application in juice manufacture. The press filter belt made of PFM Screen polyester is deployed in the belt press to extract juice from fruits, berries and vegetables.  


Press Filter Belt for Fruit Juice Belt Presses

In order to be able to quickly and fully dehydrate/filter fruits (such as apples, pear, thorn pear, ginger, cherries, grapes and alternatives) and vegetables, PFM screens have carefully designed the press filter belt, which is not only strong and durable but also easy to clean, and the pomace is easy to peel off. 

Press Filter Belt


● Robust mesh and high elasticity

● Easy to clean

● Good pomace release

● Improvement in juice quality

● Reduction in the settleable solid content

● Efficient processing of fruit, fruit pulp and vegetables

● FDA food contact regulations compliant

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