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Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts for Dewatering, Drying, Forming


Polyester spiral mesh conveyor belt made of fine spiral polyester mesh and with polyester edges.

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Spiral mesh dryer belts have a specially designed spiral structure. The spiral meshes are produced from flat ribbon spirals, which are connected to a straight round rod. Due to the special structure of the polyester spiral mesh belt with continuous and seamless screen spiral, it is very suitable for applications with high mechanical load and unmeet the seam.

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

Do not have a seam

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

Glued edge

Each spiral mesh belt will be heat-setting before leaving the factory. Spiral meshes are available in polyester and PPS. The maximum heat-setting temperature of the polyester spiral mesh belt is 200 °C, and it can be used for a long time at 150 °C. The spiral mesh belt made of PPS has a maximum temperature of 290°C for heat setting and can be used for a long time at 240°C.

The heat setting treatment ensures the structural stability of the spiral mesh belt, improves the surface flatness, improves the physical and mechanical properties of the fiber, and greatly enhances the service life of the mesh belt.

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

Polyester monofilament spiral loop

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

Threading for connection


PFM SCREEN's Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts Properties:

♦ Use hot air to set the shape, evenly heat, and improve the service life of the mesh belt.

♦ Selected raw yarn, smooth surface, not easy to stick, easy to clean.

♦ High-temperature resistance, polyester up to 150°C, PPS up to 240°C.

♦ Excellent chemical stability, BPA-free, Food grade certification.

♦ Seamless connection, no swelling at the joint, and the same air permeability in the whole filtering area.

♦ The width supports 10 cm to 10 meters, any length you need.

♦ Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions.

♦ Easy to install, easy to repair.


The subtle weaving of the spiral mesh dryer belt allows transporting the product over ventilated surfaces without product abrasion. Ideal in filter belts, dryer belts or conveyor belts in product washing, or for industry drying, nonwoven forming, and thermal applications including drying of veneers, manufacture of gypsum plasterboard or for multi-stage dryers in foodstuff processing, etc.

♦ Food processing industry

♦ Pasta sector, for drying and pasteurization

♦ Ready-to-use produce sector, for washing vegetables

♦ Food processing industry, for drying of fruits

♦ Dairy industry, for filtration processes

♦ Fishing industry, for transportation

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

Polyester spiral mesh belt for nonwovens 

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

 Polyester spiral mesh belt for dryer


We can offer a wide range of options to suit your application to achieve your optimum air permeability, filtration efficiency, throughput and tracking stability. Items to choose from include: various types of yarn diameters from 0.5mm to 1.2mm; small, medium and large spiral loops; flat or round yarn; and yarn material.

Polyester Spiral Mesh Belts

TypeSpiral loop width
Filament diameter
Air permeability
Spiral ring monofilamentConnection Wirefiller material monofilament
Small loop 5080A15.*318001.52.14480280
Medium loop 6890A180.680.90.80*4200022.456080380
Medium loop 6890B17.150.680.90.90*320001.92.455760360
Medium loop 6890B27.150.680.90.80*320001.852.457750484
Medium loop 6890B37.150.680.9Flat Wire 2.1*0.8020001.82.459000563
Medium loop 6890B47.150.680.9Flat Wire 2.1*0.8820001.852.458000500
Medium loop 6890B57.150.680.9Conductive carbon wire20001.62.4510000625
Large loop 9090A180.90.90.90*323002.33.037500468
Large loop 90110A1100.91.11.0*420002.43.156240390
Alkali resistance PA90110A2100.91.11.2*320002.253.156240390
Large loop 10090A1810.91.0*320002.53.65000315
Large loop 120130A11.*326002.854.37500468

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