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Spiral Dryer Fabrics for Paper Machine Clothing Polyester Spiral Mesh Conveyor Belt


Spiral dryer fabric or screen is an endless construction comprising a plurality of spiral loops of monofilament yarns.

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Spiral dryer fabric or screen is an endless construction comprising a plurality of spiral loops of monofilament yarns. The spiral loops are linked by a pin yarn inserted in the adjacent holes.

The specially designed spiral structure allows for rapid drainage, and superb distortion resistance and eliminates the need for conventional seams compared with the woven polyester dryer fabric.

The spiral dryer fabric is a specially engineered paper machine clothing for the drying sector in the paper mill, also widely deployed in many other industries like food drying, nonwoven conveying, printed textile drying, etc. 

 Spiral Dryer Fabrics

According to your requirements, polyester spiral dryer fabric can be fabricated with round yarns or flat yarns. In contrast, the flat yarn spiral dryer is recommended to be used in high-speed paper drying machines owing to its smoother surface, better wear resistance, later contacting area, and most of all, improved paper drying performance.

Round Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric

 Round Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric

Flat Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric

Flat Yarn Spiral Dryer Fabric


Spiral Dryer Fabrics is a medium to high permeability Spiral Dryer Fabrics used in conventional locations. 

It is made of hydrolysis and abrasion-resistant PET, air permeability ranges from 150 to 900 CFM. 

The seam consists of spirals of the same quality and strength as the spiral dry fabric. 

Spiral Dryer Fabrics are suitable for drying locations where joint damage usually occurs. They have high diagonal stability and relatively uniform distribution of tension and air permeability.


Dryer fabrics from PFM Screen provide speed up drying rate,  enhance paper quality, and increased energy savings.

Spiral dryer fabric has a specially designed spiral structure that allows for rapid drainage, superb distortion resistance and eliminates the need for conventional seams compared with the woven polyester dryer fabric. Meanwhile, it allows the filtered cakes to be removed quickly.

Spiral dryer fabric must be heat resistant, rugged, and designed for both dryings efficiently and evenly. Each Spiral dryer fabric is produced only client-specific in order to meet the exact specifications of each machine position.

The essential properties of PFM Screen dryer fabrics are:

● Spiral dryer fabric is available in a broad air permeability range.

● Spiral dryer fabrics are easy to fit and install, simple to clean and remain stable even after long-running times of operation.

● Max air permeability and high wear resistance.

● Excellent dimensional stability of Spiral Dryer Fabrics

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics excellent abrasion resistance and durability

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics have no seam markings or premature wear

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics can add ventilation holes to improve drying/reduce energy costs

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics have greater permeability and drying efficiency

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics are high-temperature hydrolysis-resistant yarns

● Spiral Dryer Fabrics have a good tensile strength

● Spiral dryer fabrics with flexible and strong edge reinforcement


PFM SCREEN's dryer fabrics are trusted by paper, board and food manufacturers.

The dryer screen dries paper web after passing a press section by adhering the web to a steam-heated cylinder. In the dryer section of the paper machine, the paper sheet travels around large-diameter heated cylinders, remaining water is removed by evaporation.

Spiral dryer fabrics are widely used in various industries as papermaking dryer fabrics, filter mesh belts, or dryer conveyor belts.

Spiral dryer fabric for paper making

Spiral dryer fabric for paper making

Spiral dryer belt for tea drying

Spiral dryer belt for tea drying

Spiral Dryer Fabrics are widely used in many other industries such as food drying, non-woven conveying, printing textile drying, and so on.

Spiral Dryer Fabrics belt is mainly used for multi-cylinder fourdrinier paper machines and multi-cylinder cylinder machines, suitable for all kinds of board paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, bag paper, tube paper, linoleum base paper, train ticket paper, thick board paper, pulp board Paper and heavy-duty writing paper and wrapping paper.

Since the advent of the vacuum washer, Spiral Dryer Fabrics has become a special filter fabric.

Spiral Dryer Fabrics are also used in rotary screen printing machines in the printing and dyeing industry, coal washing machines in the coal washing industry, oven conveyor belts in the food processing industry, etc., to obtain the best performance.


PFM Screen can provide spiral dryer fabrics made of 100% PET, Hydrolysis resistant PET, and 100% PPS. 

PET dryer fabrics are for normal paper machine conditions, whereas the PPS reinforced dryer fabrics are for hydrolysis-prone positions where high steam pressures are used.

Types of Spiral Dryer FabricSpiral loop width
Thread Diameter
Tensile strength
Air Permeability
Small loop 5080A5.20.50.9180012.1150009375
Medium loop 6890A80.680.920001.312.451800011250
Medium loop 6890B7.150.680.920001.42.451600010000
Medium loop 9090A80.90.923001.83.031900011875
High-temperature resistance 250 ℃
High-temperature resistance 250 ℃
Large loop 90110A100.91.123001.653.152000012500
Large loop 10090A810.9200023.61700010625
Large loop 120130A121.21.326002.354.322000



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