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How to Improve The Service Life of Papermaking Press Felts?

Released on Aug. 17, 2021

Papermaking felt is an important dewatering expensive consumable that must be configured in papermaking production. New replacement of the vacuum box panel, insufficient needle punching tightness of the blanket, too light shaping, excessive vacuum, no lubricating water between the blanket and the vacuum panel, improper selection of the vacuum panel material, excessive friction coefficient, and the use of the blanket in the later period will all cause the blanket. As a Paper Machine Clothing Manufacturer, share with you.

Double Layer Forming Fabric

Double Layer Forming Fabric

In the operation of the paper machine, the maintenance of the press felt without losing the surface properties of the paper sheet plays an important role that cannot be ignored. It is necessary to improve the press unit, strengthen the cleaning of felts, and choose new high-performance papermaking felts to ensure paper quality and extend the service life of the felts.

Improvement of the device

The use of detection devices: In the later stage of the felt use, the thickness of the felt decreases to a critical point. Because the felt is too thin, continued use will affect the dehydration efficiency and needs to be replaced in time.

It is necessary to regularly check the history of the formation of the felt performance to predict the appropriate time for the felt to be taken off the machine.

Improvement of process equipment: The single-shoe press section has only one nip and double-fleece on both sides. In this technology, the paper web passes through the threaded felt from the net through the shoe nip of the double felt, and reaches the upper and lower felt on the suction drive roller.

Single shoe press can extend the service life of felt.

Improvement of felt cleaning technology

The pollution sources of pressed felts are fiber, wet strength resin, sizing agent, clay, calcium carbonate, etc. After the press felt is used for a period of time, as this type of filler occupies the internal voids of the fabric structure, the performance of the fabric is also reduced.

In addition, in papermaking from waste paper, with the increase in the amount of secondary fiber recycling, pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot melts, coating adhesives, sizing agents, and ink residues, etc., are often combined with inorganic synthetic organic materials. Fillers, fine fibers, etc. stick together and deposit on the press felt, which shortens the service life of the felt and affects the dehydration of the paper.

The deposits of sludge that cause clogging of felts, which are common in paper and board mills, often lead to unplanned downtime.

Strengthen the washing of the pressed felt and remove the fine components in the slurry that blocks the pores of the felt, which can extend the service life of the felt.

When the medium-speed paper machine presses the felt in the middle period (generally 7-10d), it is necessary to carry out normal chemical cleaning and high-pressure water spray cleaning of the felt in time; in the middle period, wash once every 7d, 5d, 2d, and gradually at the later period. Shorten; can also make full use of the condensed water discharged from the dryer, install a hot water tank in the running part of the blanket for hot water washing, the hot water temperature is generally 60 ℃; after the blanket runs, chemical cleaning should be used, and attention should be paid to the edge cleaning to avoid sticking Pulp causes embossing.

Water spraying is a common mechanical cleaning method for press felts. Some factories report that the solid content of 70mg/l recycled water has little effect on the service life of the press felt.

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