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polyester mesh belt for diaper and sanitary napkin making machine

Released on Oct. 10, 2023

Polyester mesh belts play a crucial role in diaper and sanitary napkin making machine. These belts are used in various stages of the diaper and sanitary napkin production process to ensure smooth and efficient manufacturing. Here are some key applications of polyester mesh belts in a diaper machine:

polyester mesh belt for diaper and sanitary napkin making machine

1. **Material Conveyance**: Polyester mesh belts are commonly used as conveyor belts to transport a variety of raw materials, including cellulose pulp, Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), and other components, from one stage of production to another. These belts are chosen for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

2. **Absorbent Core Formation**: In the manufacturing process of diapers and sanitary napkins, achieving uniform distribution of absorbent core materials is crucial. Polyester mesh belts help in this process, ensuring consistent absorption performance.

3. **Multilayer Structure Formation**: Diapers and sanitary napkins typically consist of multiple layers, including absorbent cores, isolation layers, and outer packaging. Polyester mesh belts play a key role in forming these multilayer structures by evenly distributing different materials and promoting their bonding.

4. **Drying and Curing**: After the absorbent core is formed, a drying and curing process is necessary to ensure proper adhesion between layers. Polyester mesh belts with good heat resistance are often used to transport products to ovens and curing chambers, helping set adhesives and improve structural stability.

5. **Printing and Labeling**: Some diaper and sanitary napkin designs involve printing logos, size information, or other markings on the product surface. Polyester mesh belts can be used in printing and labeling machines to ensure accurate placement and consistent print quality.

6. **Quality Control**: Throughout the manufacturing process, it's essential to inspect products for defects or irregularities. Polyester mesh belts can be utilized in inspection lines, where products undergo visual inspection, and substandard items are removed from the production line.

7. **Packaging**: Once diapers and sanitary napkins are manufactured and quality-checked, they typically undergo packaging for distribution. Polyester mesh belts are used to transport the products to packaging areas and facilitate the packaging process.

In summary, polyester mesh belts are versatile and indispensable components in diaper and sanitary napkin making machines, supporting various functions such as material handling, formation, drying, quality control, and packaging to ensure the efficient production of high-quality products.

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